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List of Renewable Energy Companies in the UK

List of Companies Producing Their Own Renewable Energy You Can Purchase Directly

Here are the companies in the UK that actually have investments in or are developing solutions for renewable energy. (Below this list are organisations that buy-in the products).

  • Ecotricity – is a UK company that has wind farms
  • RES (Renewable Energy Company) – is also developing wind farms
  • Good Energy Company – does have their own wind farms but buy in much of their green energy supplies
  • British Gas – is investing over £1.2 billion into renewables and already has operational wind farms onshore and offshore

There are many other companies in the UK than manufacture renewable energy generating equipment such as wind turbines, solar panels etc but you can not purchase energy from them. Additionally, there are many small businesses and home owners that generate their own electricity with some of them selling this into the national grid via feed in tariffs.

Companies Offering Green Tariffs by Purchasing Energy From Elsewhere

At the time of writing the following companies offer consumers and businesses the options of 100% green tariff but they purchase their supplies from other businesses rather than having their own sources:

  • Green Energy UK – only green tariffs offered
  • Eon Go Green Tariff – is a matched based tariff (ie: they match what you buy from traditional sources by buying green energy)
  • Npower Juice is similar to the above scheme
  • EDF green tariff has a small mix of green energy (current just under 7%) but the rest is traditional
  • Ovo Green energy is all purchased from the national grid but is all from renewable sources

So if you are after a completely green tariff be careful with the terms and conditions because many companies are just offsetting what you use from traditional brown sources of energy rather than providing you directly and only from renewable sources. Many companies are thought to be entering this space and with the increase in the amount of power and technologies influencing this area more options should be available and prices are set to also reduce over time.

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