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To build a collaborative organization of regional energy leaders that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth in order to create sustainable solutions to the world’s energy challenges.

NEEIC will bring together local thought leaders and experts from the academic, business, financial, venture, and government communities to collaborate through a broad range of interactive programs and activities to help organize and formally recognize New England’s “cluster” of high-tech energy businesses and leaders.


  • Energy is the largest global industry, but relative to other industries, the rate of innovation is insufficient to meet the current time challenge to avoid massive disruption
  • Prices for this industry, upon which all other industries and the overall economy are so dependent upon, have increased dramatically, changing the rules of the game
  • Demand for energy products will increase dramatically as emerging economies, in particular, China and India, continue to progress, resulting in a huge supply gap in current known energy resources, which must be filled
  • Current global energy supplies depend upon politically unstable regions, therefore, energy facilities and transmission operations are vulnerable to terrorist attacks and nuclear proliferation.
  • Lack of a globally recognized, centralized cluster of high-tech energy businesses and leaders


  • NEEIC will organize a world leading cluster in New England to address these challenges by establishing itself as a global energy leader in thought, technology, entrepreneurship, government partnership and intelligent investing
  • NEEIC, by focusing this innovation cluster, will foster innovation and economic growth
  • New England has taken a leadership role in technology and biotechnology; it can do the same for energy
  • The key to resolving these challenges lies in innovation; this is what New England does best!
  • NEEIC will coordinate, connect and energize the region’s vast intellectual capital around energy technology innovation, entrepreneurship and policy


  • NEEIC is beneficial to the region: NEEIC will help New England maintain its leadership position in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. It will also help to keep the local economy strong.
  • NEEIC is beneficial to the country and world: NEEIC will address the critically important energy issues – one of the largest problems the nation and world faces.
  • NEEIC will bring together a vital network of leaders to meet and collaborate, engage in stimulating discussions and work with other cluster members to truly make a difference.
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